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Faculty of Performing Arts

The Department of Performing Arts at AKS University is dedicated to fostering artistic innovation, cultural exploration, and academic excellence. Our dynamic curriculum led by experienced faculty, combines theory with hands-on training across disciplines such as vocal and instrumental music, classical and western dance, theatre and films. We provide students with the facilities and tools they need to excel in their chosen field. Through collaborations and real-world opportunities, we prepare graduates to make impactful contributions to the performing arts industry.


We envision the Department of Performing Arts at AKS University as a dynamic crucible where tradition harmonizes with innovation, propelling artistic expression into new realms of creativity and impact. Our vision is to cultivate a community of performers, scholars, and cultural ambassadors who not only excel in their craft but also redefine the boundaries of what performing arts can achieve. Through collaborative exploration, cutting-edge research, and engagement with diverse perspectives, we aspire to inspire, provoke, and elevate both our students and society at large. Our aim is to be a beacon of artistic excellence, fostering connections that transcend borders and cultures, and ultimately shaping a world where the performing arts are celebrated as vital expressions of the human experience.


The mission of the Department of Performing Arts is to cultivate artistic excellence, critical thinking, and creativity in students through comprehensive education and practical training. By bridging tradition and modernity, we integrate contemporary technology with innate human expression, recognizing Performing Arts as a reflection of humanity's essence. Through our focus on specialized performance skills, we aim to foster cultural consciousness and intellectual growth, enriching society and culture through education and training. Thus, we contribute to a vibrant artistic community that thrives on the dynamic interplay of tradition and innovation.

Courses offered

Faculty of performing arts offers the following courses: -

Course OfferedDurationEligibility
Bachelor of Performing Arts (Music)4 Yrs10+2 or Equivalent Degree
Bachelor of Performing Arts (Dance) 4 Yrs10+2 or Equivalent Degree
Bachelor of Performing Arts (Theatre & Film)4 Yrs10+2 or Equivalent Degree
Master of Performing Arts (Music)2 Yrs

Bachelor degree in performing Arts (Music) 

or Equivalent Degree

Master of Performing Arts (Dance)2 Yrs

Bachelor degree in performing Arts (Dance) 

or Equivalent Degree

Master of Performing Arts (Theatre & film)2Yrs

Bachelor degree in performing Arts (Theatre)

or Equivalent Degree

Diploma in Performing Arts(Music)1 yrs10+2 or Equivalent Degree
Diploma in Performing Arts(Dance)1 yrs10+2 or Equivalent Degree
Diploma in Performing Arts(Drama)1 yrs10+2 or Equivalent Degree

Infrastructure and Facilities

The infrastructure of a Department of Performing Arts is comprehensive, comprising purpose-built performance spaces such as theatres and dance studios, alongside rehearsal rooms and costume workshops. Technical support areas like lighting and sound booths play a crucial role in production, while administrative offices and classrooms ensure smooth teaching and management processes. Ultimately, this infrastructure is carefully designed to facilitate all aspects of performer training and production staging within the department.

Central Auditorium (Theatre Practice Hall)

The Central Auditorium, equipped with a high quality advanced Yamaha Sound System with 32 channel mixer equipped with high quality wired and wireless mikes, high-definition projector, offers a dynamic platform for engaging presentations and immersive performances, catering to diverse event needs with seamless audio-visual integration.

Dance Room

In the dance room of AKS, the rhythmic beats echo on the wooden floor, while the mirror wall reflects grace and precision, creating a space where movements come alive and dancers find their rhythm in a symphony of motion.

Music Room

In the soundproof music room, where silence embraces creativity, Western and classical instruments harmonize, weaving a tapestry of melodies that transcend genres and inspire musical exploration.

Open Air Theatre

The talented and gifted performers of the AKS University captivate audiences with their talent on the open stage, under the spotlight's glow, transforming the space into a realm where dreams take flight and creativity knows no bounds.

Music Studio and Radio Broadcasting

In the university's Music Studio and Radio Broadcasting room, voices Come Alive, echoing knowledge and creativity through the airwaves, connecting minds and communities with the power of shared dialogue and diverse perspectives.

Theatre Production Cell

In the production room, cutting-edge technology reigns supreme, where high-resolution cameras and advanced editing software seamlessly merge to sculpt stories and bring visions to life, defining the forefront of innovation in media creation.

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