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Anti-Ragging Committee

Anti-ragging is a movement to prevent the occurrence of ragging activities i.e. vocal or
physical abuse and violence on student’s dignity in the college/university premises. It aims
to make the students feel safe and supported in the University campus. These include
Security cameras in campus and anti-ragging helpline numbers.
To maintain the quality of academics and continuous growth, AKS University puts
tremendous efforts to stop ragging activities on the campus.
To prevent such ragging activities, an anti-ragging committee has been constituted with the
following members.

Disciplinary Committee

To Ensure Peaceful environment in the university campus.
To avoid misbehaviour or physical violence among students.
To frame a procedure to reduce violence or disciplinary activities.
Conduct meetings or ask for reports for in disciplinary activities among students.

The UDC (University Disciplinary Committee) may seek the assistance of wardens, hostel
superintendent, Security Staff and other staff members to investigate the cases of
indiscipline. It is up to the standing committee to investigate all cases of student’s indiscipline.
As per the ordinance of AKS University Provision No. 8 clause no. 4, the University
Disciplinary Committee is constituted as under

Anti- Squad Committee

Every Educational Institution should constitute a committee known as, Anti- Squad Committee. This
is nominated and headed by representatives of any organizations. The main functions of anti-squad
the committee is to stop incidents of ragging at various places of University campus like classrooms,
library, canteen, hostels, buses, the campus at university etc. The anti-ragging squad will be working under
the guidance of Anti Ragging Committee
Anti-ragging Squad will make every student aware of ragging and its punishments. Also, it
informs the students about anti-ragging helpline numbers.

Internal Complaint Committee

In pursuance of Hon’ble Supreme Courts directions, and clause no. 4 of the notification of
MHRD dated 2 May 2016, a Grievance Redressal Mechanism/Internal Complaint Committee
(ICC) has been framed for Prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of
women employees and students at AKS University, Satna, M.P.

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