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UMIS System

AKSU promotes a culture of paperless University. The day to day administration and most of the University procedures are carried out online. The University Management Information System (UMIS), an online portal of University, is one such innovative step of the University to provide vital information regarding academics and other University logistics for assisting the University students, their parents and the staff.

Login Details

The UMIS can be accessed through the UMIS Login available on the University website www.aksuniversity.ac.in by logging in using the Username (student Registration Number in case of students and parents and Employee ID in case of staff) and the Password. For first time login:

  • The students should enter their Registration number as Username and the password as given to them at the time of admission.
  • The Staff should enter their Employee ID as Username as well as the default password.

  • The users can change their passwords at any time as per their requirement
  • This portal can be accessed as long as a student or a staff member remains enrolled with the University.


Details available on the UMIS

E-Notice Board

UMS acts as an Electronic Notice Board and displays all important information and announcements made at the University level. The current happenings and achievements are also displayed on UMIS.

Time Table

Under the Time Table section of the UMS, the schedule of classes along with details where the classes will be held, the block number and room number, is available. 


The Attendance Section of the UMIS helps the students and staff to keep a regular track of their attendance. The student can check his/her up to date aggregate attendance as well as course wise attendance as and when required. The parents can also view and check their ward's attendance status on regular basis.


Under the Results Section of the UMIS, the grades and marks scored by a student in every semester and the final CGPA till date can be viewed by the parents and the students. The marks/grades of previous semesters are also available for the continuous reference.

Assignments/Term Papers/Projects

With everything becoming tech savvy, the University’s procedure of taking assignments/term papers and projects has also been made online. The students are required to download the questions of assignments/ papers/ projects and submit the answers online through the UMIS.  Also the comments and marks on their performance are available online avoiding hassles of managing large pile of papers.

Datesheet & Seating Plan for Examinations

Datesheet of Mid Term and End Term Examinations is available on the UMIS. To reduce the difficulties faced by students before examination for finding the examination seating plan, the seating plan for the exams with the room number allotted to a student is also available on the UMIS.

Instruction Plans of Courses

Instruction Plan is a schedule of the syllabus to be covered by a teacher in lectures and contains details of text book,

reference books and name of relevant Journals and Web links to be referred to. It also gives the brief idea about the home works and assignments that a student needs to submit in a given term.

The Instruction Plans of all the courses in which a student is registered is available online on the UMIS.

Schemes and syllabus

For the ready reference of students and teachers, the Scheme and Syllabi of all Programmes and Courses is available on the UMS.

Lab Manuals

The manuals of laboratory courses providing a complete list of experiments to be conducted by a student in a term, along with the guidelines, procedure and expected results are available on the UMIS.

Book Search and other Library related Services

An online facility of “Book Search” is provided on the UMS that enables a student to search the location of required books, thesis/dissertations, compact disks and project reports by entering the name of the related book, thesis etc. If a student is unable to understand the basic terminology like Call No. of a library then he/she can note the number generated and the library staff will provide assistance in providing the required material to the student.

Online Registration for courses

Students can register online for the courses available for Departmental Electives, Open/Social Electives, Free Coaching Classes and Reappear or Backlog, if any, through the UMIS.

Online Registration for Seminars/ Guest Lectures/ Workshops/ Cultural and Co-Curricular Events

The UMIS makes it easy for the students to participate in any activity of the University by applying online. The student can get his/her name registered just by filling the online registration form.

Information and Online Registration for Placement drives

The UMIS contains information about all upcoming placement drives. The students can register online for the placement drives conducted in the University. The tests conducted during these drives by recruiters are also done via UMIS.

My Profile

The UMIS contains the complete profile of a student as well as a staff member consisting of Name, Father’s Name, Permanent and Correspondence Address, Contact Number, Email ID, and other students specific and staff specific information. The students and staff can update their profile.

Fee Status and Fee Receipt

This section gives the details of semester-wise total fee of a student, fee paid so far and pending fees (if any). A student can download a soft copy of the Fee receipt of all fee payments made to the University. This helps a student to keep a track of the fees paid so far to avoid any discrepancy. 

Interaction Schedule with Higher Authorities

To minimize the communication gap between the students and Senior Functionaries and to address their problems on time, Interaction Timings with Senior Functionaries are available in the student UMIS. A complete list of names of Head of Departments, Heads of Schools, Heads of Faculties and other Senior Functionaries with interaction timings and place is given.

Centralized Departments

The UMIS contains the details of Student Support OfficesInformation regarding all the important offices and departments which provide ready services, along with their contacts and dealing areas is also provided to the students. Also the information about the vendors in the University is also available.

Campus Hospital

The students and staff can register themselves with the Campus Hospital through the UMIS and the patient details are also available in the UMIS.

Relationship Management System (RMS)

Relationship Management System (RMS) is an initiative by the University to properly attend to all the queries, suggestions, complaints , feedbacks and requests of a student pertaining to academic or non academic area and solve them in the best possible way and at the earliest. The student can make his/her point under the “Log Request” tab and as and when the issue is resolved the student will get feedback in the “view request status” tab, both displayed under “RMS”.

Online Surveys & Feedbacks

The periodic surveys by the University to get regular feedbacks from its students on the services and the policies of University are also conducted through UMIS.

Miscellaneous Information

Under this, information regarding all the basic necessities of daily routine like food  kiosks, canteens, stationary shop, Photostat and printer facility, superstore, mobile and laptop accessories  etc. along with the physical location is given. It is convenient for a new student to locate such facility to get the required stuff easily and on time.
The UMIS system is made for the students with a view to ease and simplify day to day activities of a student. The students are requested to make full utilisation of this system and make this University initiative a success. The University expects its students to regularly access the UMIS at least two times a day and not to share the passwords with your friends, classmates or roommates.

Vendor Services

The UMIS contains the details of all sorts of vendor services, like Canteensm etc,  available in the University along with their details and locations. There is an option to search the Vendor Services as per requirement.

Policies and Rules

The UMIS contains the important policies and rules of the University to keep the students, parents and staff updated about them. The student UMS contains Fee related policies like Term Registration for Continuing students as well Freshmen, Term Off, Refund Policy for Continuing Students as well as Policies regarding Awards and Scholarships like Academic Honour to Regular students.